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SEN report

Governors Annual SEND report to Parents July 2016.

As part of their statutory duties governing bodies must publish information and report on the school’s policy on special educational needs.

Our SEND policy and our local offer can be found on the school’s website. This is reviewed regularly to make sure it reflects current legislation and our practice.

Number of children with SEND

Last year we had 30 children with 4 statements and 1 EHC plan. This year we have 16 children with 3 statements or EHC plans.  This reduction is because new guidance is more precise about the level of need required to place a child on our register.

Admission arrangements for children with SEND

 Children at The Pastures are admitted in line with the LA admission policy and the LA manages admissions for us. Please follow this link to find more information.

Support for children with SEND.

The school works with a range of agencies to ensure that appropriate provision is made to meet the needs of children attending the school. This includes the speech and language service, autism outreach, health services and both the local authority education psychology service and EPIC – a commissioned service. More information can be found on our local offer which is on our website.

We use our notional SEND budget to pay for release for the SENDCO, to employ an additional hours teacher for three days a week, to supplement the staffing in all classrooms to enable small group support where needed, to employ a qualified TA to provide specific programme support in the afternoons and to employ a different TA to provide one to one support for phonics and early reading. It also provides resources to support children including test materials.

None of children are registered as disabled but our disability access plan is available from our website.

Progress of children with SEND.

Careful tracking and monitoring by our SEND governor shows that our SEND children make progress. We know this because their IEPs (Pupil passports) are reviewed termly and new targets are set for the coming term. We look at outcomes from standardised and non-standardised tests. Our records show that SEND children are making progress although they may remain below the level expected for their age.

Outcomes at the end of Keystage 2.

Assessment frameworks changed in 2014 and we are now waiting for comparative data to tell us how we compared to other schools.


Children on the SEN register

All children at this school.

Percentage of children at expected level in reading

33% (2 children)

74% (46 children)

Percentage of children at expected level in writing

33% (2 children)

83% (46 children)

Percentage of children at expected level in maths

50% (3 children)

80% (46 children)

Percentage of children at expected level in reading, writing and maths

17% (1 child)

65% (46 children


We do not have comparative progress data but know that progress using teacher assessment was very good.

Further Information

Our detailed policy and offer are available on our website. Information on the Local Authority local offer can be found here: