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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated reader is a program the school subscribes to. It is intended to promote a love of reading by giving children points for reading which convert to house points and prizes. 


Children can read any book but are encouraged to spend at least twenty minutes a day in Keystage 1 and 25 minutes in Keystage 2 reading. They can read with an adult or independently. Children from year 2 upwards will have a ZPD range which helps them to select a book at an appropriate challenge level. You can easily check the ZPD level of a text by visiting Children are encouraged to read books closer to the lower number of their ZPD range for greater enjoyment and fluency. As children in year 1 gain in fluency they will also be give their ZPD range. 


All children are encouraged to quiz in school as often as they can. This checks their understanding of the text and allows us to monitor their reading. Parents can view quiz results by visiting


If you have any questions please ask Mrs Mannion.