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Charging and remissions


Charging and Voluntary Contributions Policy

The Governors recognise the valuable contribution which a wide range of experiences and activities can make towards personal and social education together with curriculum knowledge. In this context they support and encourage educational visits and residential experiences as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

The Governing Body reserves the right to make a charge for the following activities if the child wishes to have ownership of the product:

The cost of materials or ingredients for the following:

 Cooking

 Art

 Craft

 Design technology

The Governors also reserve the right to charge for deliberate damage to fixtures and fittings and the loss or damage to equipment, including books.

Educational and residential visits will be funded by voluntary contributions. If insufficient contributions are received then a visit may be cancelled and parents are made aware of this when letters go out. This paragraph is routinely inserted into all letters:

This visit can only take place if parents are prepared to make a contribution of £___  Payment includes transport, admission and insurance. Our charging policy states that no child shall be excluded from a visit because of financial hardship. However, we have no other source of funding for these visits and unless we can cover our costs the visit is unlikely to take place. We do not anticipate any surplus but if any should arise it will be donated to school funds.

Voluntary contributions will be sought to cover the cost of swimming activities. Pool hire, coach costs, and insurance will be included in the request.

Contributions will not be sought from parents whose children attract pupil premium funding; those eligible for free school meals, those who have been eligible in the last six years (ever six), looked after children or children adopted from care.

There will be different charging procedures regarding activities which are deemed outside school hours and these will be made clear when the activities are planned.

Policy Agreed March 2015 review 2018.


After feedback from parents in Autumn term 2016 the school has agreed that it will be clearer about what is a curriculum visit offered to enrich our opportunities for learning and what is an additional opportunity. Where parents choose for children to not take part in additional opportunities an alternative activity will be offered in school. The school is also in the process of mapping its visits and opportunities so that parents can have an overview and plan their expenditure.