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The Pastures

Primary School

Work Hard, Be Kind

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The Pastures has a strong commitment to equality for all and has clear policies and practices to ensure equality. We promote equal access to all aspects of life in school for our children. Our staff have had PREVENT training to enable them to work effectively to combat prejudice and extremism. 

At The Pastures in 2020-21 we have taken the following steps to address prejudice and inequality:

  • Reviewed the range of books available for children to read. We have ensured that these better reflect the ethnic diversity of the UK population as well as being engaging and interesting to boys. Our data shows that boys are less likely to excel in reading, and less likely to take part in reading on a day to day basis.
  • Continued to use Black History month as a means of developing an understanding of the contribution people from ethnic minorities to British cultural and economic success.
  • Made sure that our PSHE programme gives children the opportunity to explore diversity and develop their understanding of belonging and difference. Our older children particularly develop their understanding of different cultures and religions through in depth study and have the opportunity to debate issues such as equal pay for women in their lessons.
  • Developed links with our community - a faith schools, an inner city school, a homeless shelter and a residential home to further develop the children's understanding of the diversity around them and the importance of valuing everyone as equals..
  • Used staff training to develop their understanding of extremism and encouraged them to tackle everyday prejudice by explaining to the children why is not appropriate to use terms such as “gay” in a derogatory way or racist names.
  • Ensured that incidents of racism are appropriately recorded and reported and that these are used as an opportunity to educate and develop understanding and tolerance.
  • Appointed a Governor to conduct an annual review of our SMSC provision (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) together with our community cohesion and ask them to report back to the Governing body.

Curious   Courageous   Committed   Kind