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The Pastures

Primary School

Work Hard, Be Kind

Curious   Courageous   Committed


Ethos and Values


The Pastures Primary Values and Ethos.

Aiming for excellence

• Leaders and managers at The Pastures demonstrate their commitment to excellence by challenging and supporting teachers and pupils in their continuous development and improvement.

• Children at The Pastures make an exceptional contribution to a safe positive learning environment, showing very high levels of engagement, courtesy, collaboration, cooperation in and out of lessons and demonstrate tolerance for others.

• Children make exceptional progress and achieve their full potential through good and outstanding teaching.

• Our provision of an exciting innovative curriculum and variety of enrichment opportunities contribute to a love of learning at The Pastures.

• Achievement at The Pastures places us in the top 25% of schools.

The Pastures is inspirational, focused on learning, innovative, open, caring, happy, friendly and successful. We have high expectations for children and ourselves, are forward looking, inclusive to all, committed to excellence for all, imaginative and informative.

The Pastures is a school with high standards for all which prides itself on its inclusive practice and promotes British values at all times. We see basic British values as the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. We expect all members of The Pastures to treat others with respect and tolerance regardless of their background, faith or culture. We would like our children to leave us with a good understanding of respect and with a good grounding in what it means to live in modern Britain. Our curriculum provides opportunity to learn about important aspects of British culture, to understand the value of democracy and that the right to hold different faiths and beliefs is enshrined in law.


Curious   Courageous   Committed   Kind