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The Pastures

Primary School

Work Hard, Be Kind

Curious   Courageous   Committed


Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to The Pastures Primary School - the kindest and happiest school on the planet.  I feel truly privileged to lead such an amazing school and to have the opportunity of ensuring that each and every child at The Pastures receives the best possible education, whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process. 


Our School Motto is ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ – which fully encapsulates everything that we believe in.  Kindness really is at the centre of everything we do and, we believe, the key to creating happy, respectful, responsible, tolerant, kind children who can make a positive contribution to our society.


Here at The Pastures, we challenge all of our children to work hard and always strive to achieve everything that they are capable of – we want our children to be the very best that they can be!  We have very high expectations, set challenging targets and expect a great deal from our children and they do not disappoint us.  Our innovative, creative approach to the curriculum, alongside the wide range of broader experiences we offer, ensures that our children enjoy being part of The Pastures and are inspired with an appreciation of learning that will set them up for their next journey in education and their future lives.  We constantly tell our children that they have talents and an exciting future awaiting them but make sure that they understand that it is hard work and learning from their mistakes that will enable them to achieve their dreams.


What we teach our children makes a genuine difference to the world  around us, and so we teach our children kindness - we teach them what kindness is, model it in the way that we behave and reward examples of it that we see every single day.  Our children understand the power of a smile, a kind word, taking care of others, and have learnt to stand up and speak out against unkindness.  We work hard every day to help them all to be polite and confident children who have the courage to do the right thing.  We work hard to make them happy.      


Children at The Pastures are listened to.  They have learnt how to voice their opinions and respect others viewpoints through weekly debates and have a developing understanding of the world around them.  We encourage children from all year groups to help make decisions about changes we are making and give them opportunities to offer ideas to help their school to be even better.   Our many young leaders help make this happen through The School Council, House Leaders and The Pastures School Parliament. 


We love our school and are proud of our achievements. The Pastures really is a special place -  if you want to find out more, come and take a look around.


Donna Cecchini



Curious   Courageous   Committed   Kind